MJDF RCS(ENG), Pg.Cert RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY (Eastman Dental Institute – UCL)

I have practiced as a dental surgeon for over 16 years, during this time I have put great emphasis on preventative care. Some of the most common presentations that I see daily include dental traumas due to sporting injuries, relapsed orthodontics and failure in following treatment plans. This could all be prevented if patients dental appliances are maintained and stored appropriately.

The case has been designed to provide long term maintenance and oral health benefits for the consumer.

Clean + Safe

Developed by UK Dentists

Ventilation Holes

Acts as Immersion bath

Features of our design

Feature Header

  • Hook to attach to bags 
  • Depth for immersion cleaning 
  • Compact and ergonomic 
  • Clean and safe 
  • Ventilation holes for aeration 

Some of the most common presentations that are seen daily in practice include dental traumas due to sporting injuries, relapsed orthodontics and failure in following treatment plans. This all could be prevented and patients be more compliant with care if their dental appliances are maintained and stored appropriately. 

This simple yet attractive design offers functionality and practicality to suit our busy and contemporary lifestyles. 

The versatility of this product makes it an ideal solution to a wide spectrum of patients, from children to adults, frequent travellers and sports people. 


The immersion bath is 3 cm deep, allowing for sufficient soaking and immersion of dental appliances to ensure optimum sanitation. Simply fill with enough water until appliance is fully submerged and leave to soak. When finished, discard the water and allow to air dry via the ventilation holes

Clean and
Safe Storage

Our Dental Cases are designed to ensure your Dental Appliances are kept sanitary when not in use. The case is made from a Silver containing Phosphate-Based Glass that releases silver ions when in water, in turn reducing the growth of bacteria.

of Colours

Always misplacing your mouth guard? With an assortment of colours ranging from Cool Blue, Mint Green, Grey and Beige, you’re bound to find a colour suitable for you.

Designed by a
UK Dentist

Encase are a British company founded by a UK Dental Surgeon with more than 16 years of clinical experience. Her vision is to provide stylish, affordable, and premium quality products to maintain optimum dental hygiene and health.

How to use

1. Add water to cover device

2. Close lid firmly with catch

3. Allow to soak for 4 hours

4. Tip out dirty water

5. Rinse device under water

6. Leave to dry out

How it works

Phosphate Based Glass (PBG):

Silver is known to promote antibacterial activity, PBG is a plastic polymer which releases silver (Ag) into the bath water.

Encase conducted a study to demonstrate that this dental case can reduce the bacterial population of Streptococcus mutans (1).
Streptococcus mutans can contribute to oral plaque formation (2).

(1) Eurofins Biolab SRL (2019), EVALUATION OF IN VITRO ANTIPLAQUEEFFECTIVENESS on ENCASE MK LTD, STUV19AA2780-1_53, July 22nd 2019. -data on file (2) 2. Loesche W.J. 1986. Role of Streptococcus mutans in human dental decay. Microbiol Rev 50:353-380